"Buddy" now owned & loved by Madison & Loyce Gilpin in Hillsboro, Or.

Catdance Silkies

Black, Blue, Splash, Partridge, White, Buff , Porcelain, Lavender & Paint Bearded Silkie Bantams

NPIP Certified Flock

Contact Information:

Karen Larson

(360) 686-8314





Welcome! Catdance Silkies is named after my beloved Arabian gelding , pictured here with me in 1994.  I promised him a retirement home with trees & green pastures to play in & was finally able to make good on that promise in 1998.  Cat left this earth for greener pastures in 2004 at the age of 27, and now Silkies play in the stall that used to be his. Raising these beautiful birds is truly a labor of love.  I want to thank all the dedicated Silkie breeders who shared eggs, birds & knowledge, especially Shari McCollough of Harvest Breeze Farms, who gave me unwavering support & advice .  I must also thank my partner, Steve, who built the Silkie barn, brooder boxes, nest boxes, rooster condos & so much more  without complaint.  I could not have done it without him.

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